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Does grad school have you feeling lost, tired and confused?

we got you!

You're in! Check your email in a few minutes for your 30 Day Praxis Challenge

 30 Day Praxis Study Challenge

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This you?

  • Tired and burnt out even before becoming an SLP

  • Feeling like you aren't learning anything

  • The thought of treatment plans stresses you out

  • Imposter syndrome is at an all time high

that's where we come in.

Get on-demand courses taught by SLPs to help close the gap of unknown information

Become a successful SLP student, increase your confidence and skills with 1:1 coaching.

Find Effective And Time Saving Strategies For All Of Your Coursework With Our Downloadable Resources.

Meet Sam

Speech-Language Pathologist

Sam is an NYC-based speech pathologist and entrepreneur. She has recently graduated from grad school with a degree in Speech Language Pathology, and she knows what grad students go through! Sam loves helping graduate students increase their confidence and get rid of that evil imposter syndrome. She created the brand to help empower people who are about to enter or are currently in grad school.

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Praxis Prep Course

"Sam's praxis prep class is a saving grace! It was so helpful to me, and Sam really made learning enjoyable! I highly recommend this class to anyone taking the praxis soon!"


macy b

Grad School Survival Course

"I liked how real the content was. Sam told us things that were not what you would hear from a professor or someone who wanted you to be more "scholarly". Sam told us REAL information. She gave us resources to help with $, because not everyone can go to school without a job. She told us to buy the dang pens. She told us it is okay to not be perfect and you will fall down a lot. I needed that."

hannah g

The Road to Your CF

I attended your CF workshop and it was AMAZING. I didn't realize how clueless I was on the process until this workshop. I learned so much and gained so much insight to the entire process of applying, form resumes all the way to supervision. Thank you so much for hosting this and being so honest and truthful. It was so nice to hear your actual experiences in each placement. Thank you so much!

jessica l

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The day you start signing CCC-SLP is so much closer than you think! But how can you think about that exciting day when there's so much to complete in between? Starting 1:1 coaching with me will help you get to graduation day with ease. Less stress, feeling more in control and acting confident like the badass you are!

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