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Test Prep

If you want to pass the Praxis or comps on your first try, then we've got just what you need! As a former graduate student myself, I know how important it is to study efficiently without spending all of your free time doing so. This group will help you do just that by meeting weekly on Zoom where we'll be able to review material quickly and effortlessly while having fun together!

We'll meet every Tuesday night from 8:30 - 9:15 pm EST.

Our unlimited subscription will give you access to: 

- 4 Virtual Test Preparation classes per month. 
- 20+ review questions
- Explanation of the answer
- Tips and tricks to remember the material
- Q+A & Discussion
- Private community group messages (on Discord)
- Monthly Speaking of Samantics Coupon
- Access to recordings of all live classes

Filling Out a Form


"It was interactive and Sam explained things in terms that were relatable and understandable which REALLY helps!"


"I loved being able to connect with other SLP students. The study group had loads of great tips."


"The camaraderie, the helpful tips, tricks, and images/charts. I’m a mom of 3 so I wasn’t ever able to attend the live group study sessions, so the posting of the recorded videos was very accommodating."


"I liked studying in a “game” format, it made it fun!"

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frequently asked questions

Q: When & where do the classes occur?
A: Every Tuesday n Zoom @ 8:30pm EST

Q: How long before I take the Praxis should I sign up for this course?
A: 3 months of this course & studying is sufficient

Q: What if I cannot make the live classes?
A: With our unlimited subscription you will gain access to video recordings of all past classes 

Q: What makes this a game-based course?
A: A new Kahoot game is created for each class. New questions are presented  every week

Q: Can you guarantee I pass the Praxis® after taking this course?
A: We cannot guarantee a passing score,  but everyone who has taken this course & taken the Praxis® has passed so far!

Q: How is this different from other Praxis® courses?
A: This is an interactive live course in which you can respond to the presented  questions in realtime 

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