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SLP Grad Club

There's nothing quite like the feeling of being a grad student. You're constantly hustling, trying to balance school with a social life (or what's left of it). And on top of that, you're expected to know everything about your field...even though you've only just begun learning. It can be a tough and lonely road at times.
But that's where the SLP Grad Club comes in! We're here to help you connect with other SLP students from all around the world. Whether you need someone to vent to, or you're looking for advice on a particular topic, our community-based program is here to help.

When you join you gain access to:
- Our discord chat
- Shared SLP Resources
- Monthly Live & Recorded Webinars + Q&A
- A monthly Speaking of Samantics Discount
- An Exclusive SGC sticker sent to you :) 



The Community
The SGC gives you access to SLP grad students all around the world.

Saves you time
Save your precious time with our shared resource section of the Discord where we share everything from study guides to recorded lessons

Shared Treatment Ideas
Being a new clinician is HARD & SCARY. Share treatment ideas with SLP Grads all over the world

Watch Our Live Sessions On Demand
We know that you are BUSY as a grad student. Watch our monthly sessions on-demand at your leisure 

Prepare for Life as an SLP
Learn tips and tricks to be a successful SLP outside of graduate school, from resume tips to interview questions. Gain access to it all when you subsribe

A Place to Feel Heard
In grad school, it's so easy to feel lost and alone. Vent to SLP students all around the world experiencing the same things as you!

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